Waiting for the Repair Guy and Contemplating the Exercise Bike

So, my refrigerator decided to shut down on Saturday night but I think it was a day or so before that, actually. My husband and I attempted to determine the problem and remedy it with the shop-vac and some tinkering, but, to no avail. The fan seems to be spinning, the coils are dust free but the ice is slowly melting in the freezer. And something is starting to stink in the house. Needless to say, I started down a cranky path.

We waited until Sunday morning to see if there was any change, sadly and knowingly there wouldn’t be any. I checked to see if the maintenance contract was still active. Of course, it was not. Those darn things. Why anyone signs a contract for only the first two or three or five years is beyond me now that I’ve had some experience. If I know anything about anything now, it’s that brand new household appliances seem to only have a good run for approximately eight years before they decide to give you any problems. So frustrating!

In fact, I think those contracts should have a section called: Here’s a better deal! Sign up for ten years INSTEAD for an additional fee because, REALLY, all your shit is gonna start malfunctioning around eight years! GUARANTEED!

I’d buy that extended maintenance contract in a heartbeat. First our car, although technically not a household appliance but eight years old (what a surprise) needed a new alternator. To list the others this last year includes the air conditioner, the water heater, then the dishwasher. Which, by the way, as an update to an earlier post, we ended up buying a used one for only $40 from my husband’s boss because it was just sitting in his garage perfectly fine! Just the color wasn’t right for his wife…an absolute deal for Mr. Frugal and Ms. Cheapskate! And now the fridge. sigh

The repair guy should be here soon (that’s called optimism). The window of service is scheduled for between 1pm and 5pm (that’s called pessimism AND sarcasm). I feel a little immobile. A bit anxious. I just want the work completed quickly and cold air restored. I want to get my workout done. I did my leg raises routine this morning but I only completed half of it due to little motivation and worry that he’ll wonder what that smell is. I feel like I should be getting more done. But, the waiting. The lull.

To distract myself, I decided to empty and wipe the shelves and drawers down. I didn’t want the repair guy thinking I kept an untidy home! Plus, maybe it would help alleviate that garbage stench. As I scrubbed, I contemplated miscellaneous to-do’s. One of which is bringing the exercise bike back in from the garage. I moved it in there during the holidays to make extra room and I’ve missed it. It always got me on the right mind-set if I could get a good pace started. I remembered how my mind would go blank as I pedaled. I remember my legs burned. The sweat as it dripped to my eyeballs, down to my neck. I even sealed my fate by texting my husband declaring I was bringing it in this evening. I felt a little bit better.

So, to look at my day in a different way…

When things are bringing you down, no matter how trivial, remember:

There will always be another mishap. There may be an unpleasant odor to it.
You will most likely get through it, but may need a little help.
You will triumph.
Next appliance purchased, consider the “shit gonna malfunction in 8 years” service option.



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