Things I Absolutely Love and Why, Part I

Since February is the designated month of love, I’ll list a few things that I like, in Parts, that aren’t all mushy gushy, but still make me feel damn good.

Driving with the windows halfway down while BLASTING music. (But only when the temperature is just right). It makes me drive with confidence and I like the wind flowing through my hair. I feel alive. And, I believe I sound good. “Too-rye loo-rye-too-rye-loo-rye-ay…I’m gonna hum this tune forever!” (or something like that). It could be any song from any genre and era…no matter. I step on the pedal and zoom down the road. It feels good to put a little fire to LaFonda’s wheels. It makes me feel so free. For a few minutes there’s a big ol’ grin on the face and the adrenaline is pumping!

When my living room, kitchen and dining room are spotless AT THE SAME TIME. This is rare. Usually they are all half clean or half of them are semi-cluttered with stuff from the other rooms. By spotless, I mean swept, mopped, vacuumed. Dusted end tables, coffee tables, picture frames, whoa! It also means crumbs sucked from under couch cushions and mysterious sticky messes wiped up from under the sofa (how??!!…what??!!…I’ll never know). It means dishes washed and put away in cabinets, sticky dust from range top scrubbed away, refrigerator wiped down, meat defrosting for dinner. My dining room table has nothing on it. All the receipts and magazines I have yet to peruse through…gone. The chairs are pushed in evenly. The laptop is hidden away. The light dust coating the top polished away with all-purpose cleaner. I’m giddy! Puts pep in my step (haha). Everything is so neat and shiny!

Eating certain foods. But only once in a great while because my husband avoids my affections. He apparently detests garlic or I smell like a garlic rope…for DAYS. Such foods include hummus (’nuff said), garlic rolls from Panariello’s (an authentic local dine), chicken scampi from Olive Garden (yes, I got no shame in liking this chain), egg rolls from the local Chinese restaurant (who doesn’t have one on speed dial) and Taco Bell. That last one is rare but I just love their soft tacos and they have a darn good Gordita. Have you tried it? Addicting! It’s the flaky shell…I think it’s delicious. And, great with a beer! Brrrrrrrp!

When the house is quiet. That is rare. It only happens when the kids are at school, hub is at work and baby is napping. The only sound is the hum of the air conditioner or the ice maker. An occasional thwump in the wall…no clue what that is! I’ll just sit and enjoy a cup of tea or a snack and just sit on the couch or at the dining room table soaking up the sun. Then I get tons of “paperwork” stuff done…bills, appointments, scheduling activities. I feel accomplished!

Song Reference:
Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Come on, Eileen. Mercury Records, 1982. (Radio Single)



2 thoughts on “Things I Absolutely Love and Why, Part I”

  1. Haha I to love it when the house (my room I mean) is clean… I pretty much live in one room with my boyfriend in my mum’s house. Or the feeling after the beds been changed and its all snug hehe… the little things lol.


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