I Don’t Know Why I’m Surprised To Find My Coffee Cup in the Microwave

It’s lunchtime here and I figured I’d warm up leftover dinner from night previous. I was excited for my cheese ravioli with spinach (must be iron deficient). I opened the microwave door and there it was…my lukewarm cup of coffee.

Why this boggles the mind day after day, I’ll never understand. My mornings seem to be going along fine. I make breakfast for baby, I start to stretch for exercising, we play with toys or I find him on two feet planted on the desk playing with the computer monitor. We cuddle on the couch watching morning cartoons. I attempt to do a set of bicep curls and have to stop midway to show baby good form. We search the music channels for, what else but, music. We dance. We jump. Leg lifts and bicycle crunches snuck in. We dance some more.

Sometime during all this, I must’ve attempted to heat up my coffee. I don’t know when. The time just got away from me. I consciously clocked my workout today (which means I glanced at the clock). I always assume about ten or fifteen minutes is what I should get out of my regimen. Now that the monthly challenge is revving up, the time has increased ten more. So, let’s give myself a half hour to exercise…

It took me two and one half hours.

Yes! I know! Not because I was crazy fitness woman. But, because of the endless morning interruptions, or shall I say, playtime. I’m not complaining at all about that. I’m just flabbergasted that the time flew by as it did. I was enjoying jumping with baby and reveling in the fact that this is part of my daily routine. My work consists of endless amounts of fun, shitty diapers, and naps. It consists of me taking double the amount of time to write this as it should because I’m trying to feed baby and prevent him from squeezing his apple juice box all over his highchair, himself and the floor (my attempt failed).

It consists of me desiring that cup of coffee because I think I need a jolt of java before my nerves are shot. Wait…it’s not hot enough…two minutes in microwave. Beep, beep. Forgotten.

Well…joke’s on me today. I stopped midway through writing this to mop up the spill. And, in retrieving the Swiffer (yes, it is quite handy), I remembered I had a load of laundry waiting to be thrown in the dryer. So, got that in. Then I remembered I wanted to eat that last brownie before my daughter came home from school and demolished it. It’d be good with my coffee. I texted her to leave it alone.

So, I should get my coffee cup heated up.

And, get my brownie set.

Wait…it’s nap time for baby. Let’s get that done and then I can surprise myself when I open the microwave in a bit.



10 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why I’m Surprised To Find My Coffee Cup in the Microwave”

    1. Ha! Well, I believe many of us r in the same boat, kids or none. Ya get sidetracked…I remember once wen I was much younger, I couldn’t find my bra I had just taken off while trying to figure out what to wear. I could NOT find the damn thing anywhere! I was flabbergasted. Apparently, I thought it was a belt, it was around my waist. Duh!


  1. I do that to Annie.. set things down and wonder where i put them 5mins later lol. Lose things and find them days later in the strangest places and I always say I’m going to get the washing done… never happens hahah. I haven’t even had George yet ahhh the life of a mummy eh ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Hahaha! U will feel like u r in a constant haze or fog…it’s ok. Some days r better than others! I have a love/hate relationship with my laundry. It just never seems to get caught up…the towels, especially. Who knows why?! Lol


      1. Its cus there is so much on the mind… yes that’s it mummy brain lol. I know its never all done in one go never mind dried haha. We have a whole other basket just for towels T_T lol.


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