Note To Self: Buy a New Bathmat Before You Accidentally Kill Your Husband

I don’t exactly know why I keep things until they are no longer safe for everyday use. Or, even useful, for that matter. My husband called me into the bathroom last night while he was taking a bath (he sure does love baths) to tell/complain to me that I MUST throw away the bathmat. “I believe you’re trying to kill me! Have you made sure the life insurance is up-to-date?!” were the actual words he used.

I actually picked up the mat to feel the backing. It DID seem less rubbery…I thought. Maybe it’s from too many washings/dryings. I’ve only had these for two years or so…it couldn’t have worn out ALREADY! These are actual thoughts in my head as I contemplate removing the rug or finding something, like electrical tape, to secure it to the tile floor. Electrical tape! Hahaha!

Speaking of electrical tape, that roll of semi-sticky goodness has saved me from buying a new pair of eyeglasses. I’m proud to say they’ve held the frames together for the past fifteen years or so. The actual lenses are alright, a few scratches, but I’m blind anyways, so it doesn’t really bother me. I’ve fallen asleep with my goggles on so that they are a bit crooked now which is quite annoying when you’re trying to have a serious conversation with a teenaged daughter or watching reality television or driving children to the bus stop in the wee hours of the morn. But they still work FINE in my opinion.

I will use an item into the ground before I replace it. For example, my iPhone. I am only on my second one. And my third cell phone EVER. The only reason I replaced my 3G was because I tried to fix the home button which no longer worked after three years. I took that bad boy apart and cracked the whole case and it’s insides trying to get a little prong to loosen. I was so sad…I forgot to back up my phone before crushing it, losing pictures and such from the first six months of my baby boy’s life. But, now I have a new iPhone…the 4S. And my husband says I should replace it when the next one comes out (probably this summer AND fall) but I’ll wait A WHILE longer. No need, says I.

Speaking of a need, we definitely NEED a new dishwasher. The one we have has lasted only eight years and I am actually quite thrilled that it is broken. That machine was the loudest and most annoying kitchen appliance EVER! It didn’t seem to even wash the dishes very well…having to re-wash plates and knives after it already went through its cycle was so annoying. My husband and I discussed what model we should get next and should we go stainless steel and should we replace the other appliances so they all match? Whoa, there! That fridge and stove still work perfectly fine, I say. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, getting all excited over a dishwasher.

If my husband had his way, we’d also have a new vehicle. But, I say let’s drive LaFonda the Honda ’til she don’t go no more. She’s only nine and we just got her a new alternator. She can EASILY go another 100,000 miles now! Plus, that good ol’ girl is awesome on gas and have you SEEN gas prices lately?! Yep, we shall just wait on that, too.

After all this, I realize that I may be CHEAP! My husband is definitely frugal, but I am most definitely cheap. He says we will wait until the next holiday for a sale to get a new dishwasher. That will be President’s Day, mid-February, a good three weeks away. I definitely agree. We shall do our due diligence and make sure we get a good deal on the quietest dishwasher available. I think that’s when I’ll look for a new bathmat, too.



2 thoughts on “Note To Self: Buy a New Bathmat Before You Accidentally Kill Your Husband”

    1. Lmao…I’ve always been that way since I was a kid, but I’m getting better. For instance, I will pay $7-10 for a decked-out salad! But, I will not pay more than $25-30 for jeans. And, even then, that makes me cringe! Thank u for following my blogs, btw!


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