It’s So Nice To Be Irresponsible

Now, you may be thinking this will be a cynical upsetting blog entry as my title seethes a bit of sarcasm. But indeed, it will not. I am currently on a hiatus from the everyday mommy responsibilities escorting my husband on a business trip for A WHOLE WEEK! eeeeeeek! What am I to do?! Well, apparently nothing I don’t feel like doing or anything I want!

To be able to stay out late and wake up late and skip breakfast and eat whatever I want whenever I want is, how do I say…BLISS!

I have taken a stroll in 70 degree weather along a beautiful waterway, I have eaten a pleasant salad that would make a vegetarian salivate, I have put my pajamas back on mid-day as I am contemplating a nap (the hotel bed is just so large and inviting). I have even considered checking out the hotel gym (I stress “considered”). I have had two cups of coffee and a large-ass cup of hot tea. I don’t know why that pleases me so to share, but it does.

The evening meals and events are already planned and scheduled (not by me) and all I am required to do is enjoy myself and appear at the company functions tomorrow and the next day in support of my love. But even then, not until late afternoon! (I hope I’m not leading on this king-size bed…it might get the wrong idea thinking I am trying to forge an intimate relationship). purrrrr

I must say, I do have an urge to tidy up the end tables and the bathroom sink area, but I’m sure the urge will pass soon and quickly.

Even though this may not sound like much fun for most people, let me just say that it DOES sound wonderful to most moms. Especially moms of children under the age of four or so, but not excluding those with ones older than that. We enjoy the small things in life…a shower, a hot cup of coffee, a clean shirt, being able to pee all the way in one sitting. Being able to have a complete conversation with her husband, holding hands while strolling…strolling! Being able to put on a nice dress for the evening and enjoying a ridiculously expensive meal WITH drinks! The adult beverage kind!

So, I think I shall enjoy these precious eighty-two or so hours left (yes, I just counted down) and see what comes up. Oh boy! So exciting!



5 thoughts on “It’s So Nice To Be Irresponsible”

    1. Oh, I did. It was really good to have some adult time. I even made new friends! 😱 And now ny husband has even been more attentive…that’s always a plus! Lol


      1. I bet it was hehe 🙂 Good times its always fun meeting new people and the attentive husband win win lol. ❤ ❤


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