The Music Can’t Play Loud Enough Today

Woke up in a pretty decent mood. Had to bring my son to school early for a field trip. Made sure he had packed a lunch, some money in his pocket for a drink or a souvenir and his belt on to satisfy the dress code.

Was falling asleep on the couch watching the local weather. There was a cool” front coming today…wind, chilly, 67 degrees. I felt a thud on the top of my nose. The baby had almost crushed my face with some headphones (of course I’m exaggerating). It was the large kind that cover a baby’s head and ears AND cheeks. My mood started to shift downward.

Dropped my daughter off at the bus stop. We sat in silence, neither of us ready to compete with the birds chirping. I checked Facebook, she checked Tumblr. The bus arrived and I returned home to a sleeping husband, a passed out baby and lukewarm tea. My mood started to shift upward.

Went for a walk with a friend and our babies. Two and a half miles later, we had talked about kids, expenses, fashion, sweating and what to make for dinner. I rewarded myself with gas station coffee for two bucks. We continued on to Publix, where shopping is truly a pleasure, and picked up a few items for the day’s meals. My mood was still up until I ALMOST forgot my grocery bag and THOUGHT I lost my phone.

I commenced the daily routine of cleaning up after pigs. Yes, my family has turned into a bunch of pigs. The dishes were piled up, towels to be folded were waiting for me on the couch, the whites were sitting in the dryer still wet. The baby’s toys…well…they’re just EVERYWHERE!

I put on some music to distract me from sitting around and moping about it all. The music couldn’t get loud enough. Each song, I turned it up louder. Maybe my Pandora station selection was a bit too cryptic today because it seemed to increase my sadness. I was feeling the lyrics. The anxiousness was getting the best of me. Make the music louder. Louder. LOUDER.

It’s just one of those days.

Below are a few funnies that I found while searching for some humor to go along with my post. They made me laugh so hard because of their truth and because of Anxiety Cat’s expression. It is, what I call “CLASSIC!” with a cackle to go along with my exclamation. I feel better for now.






One thought on “The Music Can’t Play Loud Enough Today”

  1. HAHAHA oh god well at least you can see the funny side of things. Somedays all you need to do is put your feet up and have a rest.
    Have a good day Annie ❤ ❤ ❤


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