Day One, Again!

Today starts the fifth 30-days exercise challenge for me and my fellow fitness half-fanatics. Concentrating on the legs this month…leg raises, to be exact.

I had been planning, in my head, which workout to actually go with this time around (Pinterest is just chock full of ideas and suggestions). It took me most of this week to figure out how I wanted to present it all to the ladies.

I also had increased the Group size by inviting seven new half-fanatics to the mix. This latest group consists of my best friend since eighth grade and six wives of my husband’s coworkers. I added my best friend for two reasons…because she needs a good ass-whipping and because I’m bossy. I added the wives for three reasons…because they expressed an interest in getting some exercise into their daily routine, because they are some cool chicks and because I’m persistent.

I had found seven versions of leg raises that we could incorporate into the routine. Try a new type each day, get a regimen going, etc. I had also included an enhanced workout for those of us that have been doing this since the beginning so our other muscles don’t go weak and so that rigor mortis doesn’t set in. (I know it won’t unless one of us passes out and dies while raising leg, but I’m joking).

As I like to wait until the last day to get my excellent project out there (I’ve always been that way…my mind races and the wheels spin fast and I can actually envision the victorious end), I hit the “post” button at 9:57 p.m. prior evening.

Bam! Stretching suggestions up.

Bam! Plank positions up.

Bam! Bicep curl and dips illustrations up.

Bam! Bam! Leg raises task is up, complete with illustrations of doing them while at work…or while cooking…or if you are really gung-ho, while lifting weights.

One last bam! A quick synopsis in the chat group, don’t forget to check each day at your convenience and have a good evening, y’all!

Today…Day 1. I awoke this morning to a crabby toddler. His nose has been running and he constantly begs for those lollipops for sore throats. He has not slept well (in my bed) and neither have I. To get motivated, I threw every possible drink, breakfast, even snacks at the little persistent bugger (ugh…I wonder where he got that from) and got the big kids off to school whilst sipping my warm Irish Breakfast Tea.

I wanted to return to my blanket, it was after all, only 7:16 a.m. But, I figured I might as well get my ass in gear and tackle today’s task.

And so I did…(between sharing a banana with toddler and making sure he doesn’t drop 2 lb. weights on his toes or mine).

And, I felt so much better.

I checked the Group page to see if anyone, both new and veteran, had viewed it yet. I also wanted to share a tiny bit of my experience this first workout, i.e. “Leg raises did without holding onto anything…tells me I have bad balance but my legs r getting stronger.” I tried to be positive but threw in a bit of sarcasm for reality’s sake.

I wondered and hoped they’d all get on board today, taking a little bit of time to take care of themselves…away from work, husbands, cooking, cleaning, children. It took me probably ten minutes to exercise. It was very little, but it set my mind right for the rest of the day. I took a shower. I can get to the grocery store later. I’ll go for a walk around the neighborhood when it stops raining.

Oh…I will remember to get pops for the baby boy.



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