Things I Absolutely Love and Why, Part II

This past week has been a tough one. I’m going to blame it on my hormones. However, there are a few things that happened that made my heart happy and so I’ll share.

Playin’ ☺️🚼
Pushing my baby boy in the swing. This boy loves to go to the park. And when I say loves, I mean LOVES. It’s one of the only things he says “yah” to. You’ll never hear him say “no” or “no, no, no” or “NOO!” And what he adores is to be pushed in the swing. He squeals with delight and a nerdy baby laugh commences. It just makes my cheeks hurt from smiling as I watch him enjoy the woosh of the swing as it goes back and forth, his fuzzy hair catching the wind. I can push him for what seems forever. Maybe he likes it because he gets my undivided attention. Smart child.

Waitin’ 💏
Waiting for the husband to get home from work. Now, this is different from husband actually home, mind you. I like the anticipation of his returning for the day after a long and grueling schedule. I’ll call him and see if he’s on his way. I make sure the house is tidy and get the laundry that was sitting in the washer all day into the dryer. I’ll start dinner at a specific time so that it’s hot for him when he walks in the door and he can eat with the family. This happens only a few days a week, though. Some nights I end up making breakfast for dinner or we just order pizza. But, really, now that I think about it, maybe it’s the second wind that I’m experiencing more than doting wife syndrome. Hmmmm….

Readin’ ☺️📖
Reading books to the baby. He’s at a point where he will sit down and actually study the book with you. He understands the pictures that go along with the words and I am thrilled that he recognizes objects from page to real life. My kids have always enjoyed my reading out loud to them, but this boy takes it all in. I can see his eyes darting and his mind racing with questions. Even though I’ve read Goodnight Moon and Sesame Street’s I Can Do That a hundred million gazillion times, it never gets old. I love his curiosity, his innocence. I wish I still had that.

Sweatin’ 💪😁👍
Sweating after exercising. A good sweat makes me think I did a good job. Like, I worked my ASS off! In fact, I figured I’d write this post before running off for the day because I’m on a high. Today was an especially difficult day for two reasons, the workout reps are increasing in rapid numbers and my cohorts are decreasing in rapid numbers. It always happens at the start of week 3. But, that’s ok. There’s always next month to start again for them and I’m closer to my goal each day. I had a good sweat today, so, I’m not going to take that away from me.



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