Trapped By Apps and Restless Slumber

I was going to write this piece about my never ending tapping through apps in the wee hours of the morning and tell you about the bad dream that I had during my nap yesterday. But that nap was foiled by two things…a loud and obnoxious television and a psycho chasing me towards the front door of his home, of which I was stupid enough to enter for a job interview. (Yeah…really stupid dream and it kind of terrified me as he kept trying to size my head up to various figurines strategically placed around his creepy abode for skull crushing).

However, as I was thinking about my iPhone routine and that awful nap that I shouldn’t even have bothered with, I realized that it just didn’t make much sense and I can’t come to any positive or possible conclusion to my little story.

So, let’s try again.

It’s 1:26 p.m. on a Monday. I’ve been sitting with my toddler for the past half hour trying to get him to nap. He’s been awake since 7:30 a.m. He’s way past due. In my efforts to soothe him into lullaby time, I had him finish up his lunch, help me put away his toys (which meant he took all his shoes out of the closet and then sat on his bed with a book and night slippers on his feet staring at me) and listen to the music app, which today’s pick was Bootstraps because their songs to me are like calm waves in the ocean. Apparently they are also like that for my son as his eyes shut whilst drinking the last of the milk from his cup. Out. Hallelujah!

Now, you’d think I’d sneak out of his room at this point, but I’ve learned my lesson. Wait another ten minutes before you even attempt such an escape. His sonar radar is even better than a bat’s and the whine from his throat is most terrifying…so Mama is staying put.

While I wait for this time to pass, I check my apps in the same order I do every time I do so. It never fails. Game apps…3 of them that I don’t really even ever play. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress. Then my two fitness apps…one for calorie counting and one for mileage. Then back to Facebook. And then to WordPress, again. I have no explanation as to why I do the same exact order or why I even choose only these to check daily, often and repeatedly. Is something going to happen in those few moments that I might miss? Am I going to earn a gazillion points to buy some cool weapon to break blocks? Some distant friend get married or win the lottery, huh? Will my stats all of a sudden skyrocket me to “famous author” status? Certainly not.

So, now that my ten minutes are up (it’s actually almost 20 minutes now), how should I spend my time? This gives me a good half hour before Chatty Cathy, I mean my daughter, returns home from school. Should I clean the kitchen, or mop or do some laundry or attempt a sanitizing of the bathroom? sigh

Should I take a much-desired nap, instead?

Let me just check through my apps one more time…



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