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Sighing…AND It’s Not Even Noon

Some days you get so annoyed that you just want to run away. Take today, for instance. The baby had a horrible night of sleep, tossing and turning in his crib, trying to hang out in my bed, back to his, back to mine. At 3 a.m. I decided maybe I should try to clear his nose (which he hates) because he’s a bit congested and I don’t know what else to do besides go sleep in HIS crib. That seemed to fix it and he was finally able to get some much needed beauty sleep…in MY bed.

Wee Willie Winkle was up and about at 9 a.m. like nothing happened. The evening was a breeze in his mind, rested and refreshed and now to commence some milk guzzling and Hot Wheels car racing along the couches.

I made him breakfast, scrambled eggs and leftover ham croquettes. I even let him have some fruit gummies on the side. Sitting at the table, with two toy cars and a hot plate of food with mommy was just not enough, though. He took a few bites and spotted the iPad. For the next five minutes, he repeatedly asked for this “ippid” while I looked at him clueless. “What do you want? Outside…The Sun…Curtains…The Door…Color…Book…WHAT???


I sounded like an idiot and he looked at me like I truly was an idiot…like, “HELLO! ipPID! Duh!”

So, I coerced another bite out of him before I would let him watch a show on it. THAT was not enough. He wanted to HOLD it. To press ALL the buttons on it OVER and OVER…


A stern “No” threw him into hysterics and he would not hear it. I closed the “ippid” and it was all over. A Terrible Two Tantrum set in complete with a vomiting of breakfast and things gooey all over him, me, my leg, the chair, the floor. As I carried him along we left a trail through the hall leading to the tub.

It was nasty. It stank. It exhausted me.


After we washed up, cleaned the trail, the floor, the chair, and I changed into another rag of a shirt, he retired to his crib in defeat. Poor thing needed more rest after all, his little body told him.

I am now on a third cup of coffee, tepid yet strong enough. I should turn on the washer. I should exercise. But, I am taking a rest, instead. It is only 11:30 a.m.