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Anger, Why Ya So Cruel?

When people treat you wrongly, why do you decide that it’s alright to give them a pass? To give them a chance to make it right? To ignore it and think it will not resurface? To retaliate in like kind?

When people make you angry, why do you get so hurt? Why all the emotion? Why the indifference?

It really does feel uncontrollable, inconsolable, unforgettable and all around disastrous.

Your mind plots evilness.

Your face turns dark.

You don’t want to talk to anybody but yet you want to share with anyone who can sympathize. You want a cohort in the maddening of you…so you don’t feel alone or lost or a bit crazy.

You decide to sit and fret for a bit.

You decide that you will not be bamboozled again or any longer.

Maybe a nice drink will settle your nerves. Or maybe a chocolate bar. Or a nap. Or the sunshine. A drive. The TV. Making dinner.

And you decide to let it go, because you’ve exhausted yourself.

It’s exhausting.