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Anger, Why Ya So Cruel?

When people treat you wrongly, why do you decide that it’s alright to give them a pass? To give them a chance to make it right? To ignore it and think it will not resurface? To retaliate in like kind?

When people make you angry, why do you get so hurt? Why all the emotion? Why the indifference?

It really does feel uncontrollable, inconsolable, unforgettable and all around disastrous.

Your mind plots evilness.

Your face turns dark.

You don’t want to talk to anybody but yet you want to share with anyone who can sympathize. You want a cohort in the maddening of you…so you don’t feel alone or lost or a bit crazy.

You decide to sit and fret for a bit.

You decide that you will not be bamboozled again or any longer.

Maybe a nice drink will settle your nerves. Or maybe a chocolate bar. Or a nap. Or the sunshine. A drive. The TV. Making dinner.

And you decide to let it go, because you’ve exhausted yourself.

It’s exhausting.



Who Cries in the Shower?, And Other Frustrating Questions

I was raging mad a couple of hours ago so much so that I had to go have a nice cry in the shower. I won’t bother with the details, however, let’s just say that it was my first outburst this year and I really tried my darnedest to wait at least a week!

This leads me to other frustrating questions that popped up in my head as I stood there sobbing, shower going full blast, washing away my tears and my body exhausted from the turmoil (or maybe the temperature of the water).

Who goes to retrieve a roll of toilet paper and returns hours later to actually use the facilities without the toilet paper? Apparently, my friend, Melanie does. She told me so this morning. Off to the bathroom, wait a sec…there’s no TP! So, down the stairs she went, made the kids beds, folded their pajamas, trudged back up the stairs, played with the baby being all adorable on the bed…the pee pee dance started in and so finally off to the facilities with no toilet paper roll in tow. “FML!” I can relate.

Who else folds laundry while watching television and leaves the piles on the living room couch until the next day or maybe even the day after that? Well, I do. All the time. I don’t bother putting them away until the kids and husband return home from being out all day or if someone notifies me that they’re coming over. I’m definitely not a slob, but this does sound a bit lazy now that I think about it. Oh well, I’m over it.

Who empties the dishwasher into the empty sink after discovering some weren’t washed well enough INSIDE the dishwasher? My daughter does. And she did that just the other night, actually. That really pissed me off as she tells me “these dishes are still diiiirty!” Oh well! Rinse them and put them back in then! Common sense…gaaaaHHHH! I may have raised my voice in that instance.

Who else has a keyboard desk tray that is falling apart but would be remedied with some wood glue? I do. And my husband threatened today that’d he’d nail the face of the tray back on with his woodworking skills (which are lacking). I retorted that “it’d look like shit” if he did that and “please don’t do it!” He responded with a “STFU f*#stick” and that made my lip quiver. CALM

Who doesn’t roll their eyes? Yeah? Every female I know does. And a few men do, too. Don’t deny it. Note: This one was just because.

Who doesn’t exclaim “FUCK” at least ten times a day whether it be out loud or under your breath or just in your thoughts? I must’ve done so at least that much already and I’ve only been awake for seven hours. I should slow it down.

Of course, as you know, by this time I’m out of the shower, I’ve combed my hair and I’ve attempted to be CALM. I have written these thoughts down while trying to concentrate in a house full of distractions. The husband keeps staring at me, the baby has hit my son on the nose with his helicopter toy and my daughter has disappeared to avoid making tuna salad. My nerves are quite shot. I’m seriously contemplating jumping back in the shower.