I Will Try to Finish This Before Noon or Before My Bladder Explodes

Last day of the year and I woke up in a good mood. I think it was because I had an attitude adjustment last night, some bed-time fun, a good dinner, got to watch my shows and even play on the Twitta and crush some candy.

As I read this while writing, I laugh at how easy my life is and how good it can be. It’s a good deep happy laugh that’s full of emotion. Accompanying me this morning is a toddler snacking on his cereal…I can hear his crunch-crunching as the music on his DS is on repeat…almost like a bad rave session. I look over and he’s feeding Wolfie, his fave stuffed animal. “So cute!” my brain says. Such a good morning…I hope this day continues along this way. (I should wake up the teenagers…errrr)

I’ll be off shortly to the grocery store to do some shopping for tonight’s New Year’s feast…beef and chicken sliders, homemade pasta salad with a twist and box brownies with vanilla ice cream because I like it. Easy, again…like that’s my groove, yeah…

I re-read my resolution from yesterday like I told myself to and it made me remember what is important. Today will mark twenty-two years since I met the hub, at a Guns n’ Roses concert through mutual friends. I was only 15. Boy, is that young and how I have to laugh at that. Finding a true friend in life, hoping my same-aged daughter now keeps her innocence a bit longer than we did…”take it easy…easy” my brain calms me.

I still have to shower and make a list AND get the baby dressed. “And don’t forget to use the facilities,” my bladder reminds me.

The point, finally, is that today is a good day. I’ll continue to make it a good one. “Yes!” my brain exclaims.


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