I Got By With A Little Help From My Biitchez

Only day three in my 30-Day Abs/Jumps Challenge and I wanted to give up this morning. Or should I say, last night, whilst lying in bed. Every time I changed position, it felt like I was hauling large freight, like a barge, deadweight in the Mississippi River, slowly trudging along, desperately searching for a tugboat to pull my sorry ass through the murky water. S.O.S. Anyone…anyone?? It didn’t help that the baby decided to wake up at 4:45 a.m. to start his/my day. All I could do was flop on the couch next to him and turn my head left or right whenever I heard his squeak as he ran by to play with a toy or climb or do whatever babies do when Mama is immobile. “If only I had some coffee”…willing the hub to wake up from my mind-reading skills and help me the fuck out!

This is the second 30-days exercise challenge I have started and it is much more intense than the squats. Mind you, the squats were no easy feat, especially when we hit the mid one hundred range. But by 250 squats in one day, the last day, I felt so accomplished and on top of the world that I wanted to twirl around and sing to the mountains and the trees and the ocean. My cohorts in this challenge were pumped, too. We were ready to kick some major ass! With much preparation and research, we decided to embark on this journey of squeezing tummy muscles and bouncing body parts to get our endurance and strength up.

The first day…no problem…we can do this! They were good pains, we were on an adrenaline high. A little bit of a bumpy road for some but Day 1 was completed.

Day 2…still not that bad except some reports of aches in the abs and calves started coming in. This shit is getting REAL! Let’s invite more people to enjoy this torture!

This leads me to today, Day 3.

Can I tell you that the intense stretching I did before and after helped me? Hell, Yes. Can I tell you that the double serving of coffee helped? Oh, Yes. Can I tell you that a snoring toddler halfway hanging off the couch helped me? My nerves say Yes! But the most helpful on this quiet morning was being able to share my feelings of defeatism with the girls that are doing this with me. Going through this with me. An encouraging word. An emoji smile. Words of laughter. Words and smiles and laughter throughout the day as each of us gets one more exercise down, huffing and puffing and sweating and cursing, noses running and legs burning. Mind running with another hundred things that need to get done this day. I’m very proud to know these ladies and very much happy to be on this journey with them. We are all very much different from each other. We come from different places and backgrounds. We have different tastes and interests and passions. However, the friendships have endured and they’ve grown. I appreciate these ladies everyday. I am thankful for my life. And I look forward to tomorrow and the next day and the next 30-days challenge with them.



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